To invite your students, you have to create a class first. Go on 'English Every Day' on the menu on the left, then on 'Classes'. Click on 'Add a Class'. Follow the steps. 

The last step 'add your students' gives you different options to invite your students: 

  • Under 'Invite Students by Email' :
    • You can enter manually their last name, first name and their email address
    • You can upload an .xls file with the name and email addresses of your students

==> In both cases, an email with instructions to join the class will be sent to the students. 

  • Under 'Share the Class Code': 
    • You'll find a link that you can copy and send to your students 
    • You'll find a class code (6 digits and letters) that you can either send to your students or pass on to them in class. When they log into their user account on English Every Day they'll be able to use it to join their class. They can use this link to create their user account. 


Once you've created a class, you'll find it again under 'classes'. If you didn't invite your students at that stage or need to add more people you can click on 'invite your students' here and follow the same steps.